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Reason Some Homes Don't Sell #13:  Buyers were distracted when they are looking at your home.

When buyers are viewing your home, the need to be able to concentrate on the home and it's features and benefits.  Here are a few ways that buyers can be distracted:

1.  Seller has a really interesting collection that buyers love to look at.

2.  Seller has family pictures and buyer wonders if they know the family.

3.  The home has brightly colored walls and all the buyers can do is comment on them.  Sure they could just re-paint them.  The colors could be good for some buyers.  Unfortunately, despite what the TV home shows are showing, neutral colors keep the buyers focused on the home and it's features.

4.  Cute children's toys on the floor.  Even if this is confined to the children's bedrooms and is neat, if the buyer brings the same age child with them when they look at the home, the parents will be focused on getting the toys away from their children and on upset children when they have to leave a toy they now love in the home!

5.  Too many home decorations, no matter how nice they are, can distract the buyer.  The see things they'd like to have in their next home and aren't concentrating on the home itself. 

6.  There are adorable pets in the home and buyers just love them.

7.  There are problem pets in the home (for example, noisy birds, barking dogs, cats who want to get out, etc), that keep the buyers from looking at the home.

8.  Sellers who stay at home during showings may be the worst distraction of all.  Buyers don't feel like they can really look the home over when the sellers are home.

9.  Clutter of any kind can distract buyers.

Remember, let the buyers see your home, not the things you love in your home.

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Home Sellers,St Charles County MO Homes for Sale,Linda Grissette,Keller Williams Realty

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